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Aluminium Foil Convertion:-VMCH Coating Machine
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VMCH Coating Machine
VMCH COATING MACHINE ( With online Shellac Wash )
Application:-VMCH Coating Machine

V.M.C.H coating on Aluminium foil, and to Apply a thin coating of shellac on  reverse foil surface  in a single operation.
Dry  lamination  of two webs .
Coating method

1)  Shellac coating  –  Gravure method
2)  V.M.C.H coating -- three roll coating system / Gravure method
Pneumatic application for pressure roller, Doctor blade, Drying hood and Nip unit.

High velocity VMCH drying system equipped with insulated drying  tunnel of 10000 mm length

Shellac drying system equipped with insulated drying  tunnel of total 6000 mm length

VMCH tunnel is distributed in 8 Heating zones & 2 cooling zones having individual air  blower for better temperature control.

Top (VMCH) dryer rollers are of teflon coated to protect laquire shifting from coated foil.

Separate three air blower for shellac wash unit

Air nozzles distribute uniform not air across the wash width and are placed against idle rollers for proper web support

Air  volumes can be controlled by manual dampers at each station

Screw type adjustable roller at different points
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