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Flexible Packaging Machine:-Inspection Rewinding Machine
Inspection Rewinding Machine,manufacturer of Inspection Rewinding Machine
Inspection Rewinding Machine
General Description:-Inspection Rewinding Machine
This Inspection re-winder is a reversible, simplex, single shaft centre winding machine capable of handling all type of printed films for salvaging before lamination. It is designed for easy operation and minimum maintenance. Construction of this machine is suitable for hydro - clamping based fast loading of material and with reversible facilities to keep same direction of printed film.
Standard Specifications:-Inspection Rewinding Machine
  Working width   1000 mm Maximum
  Roll face width   1200 mm
  Un-winder diameter   1000 mm maximum
  Re-winder diameter   1000 mm maximum
  Adjustable roller   One number
  Designed line speed   250 mpm maximum
  U/W & R/W Drives   Digital AC
Un-winding & Re-winding System
Consisting of shaft less chucking system to hold the material during winding directly connected with drive with suitable mechanical transmission assures finished roll of consistent quality and uniform winding. Chucking through hydro motor and final clamping through chuck pressure ( adjustable ). With the increase in dia in both the side the specified drive will take care to make a good build up. A full width viewer will be provided before rewinder side with wide auto synchronized stroboscope to inspect
the printing quality.
Constant Tension Un-wind & Re-wind Drive
A sophisticated A/C drive with tension control and separate reversible motor for rewinding and unwinding shaft is provided with the machine to compensate for the high & controlled tension required for rewound material.
Special Features
Both drives are suitable for forward & reverse direction application.

Both drives are suitable for encoder feedback.

Both drives are suitable for synchronization with common synchronizer unit.

Control system with Parker SSD make digital A.C drive ( 690 series ) in both un-winder and re-winder.

All motors are of ABB / L&T / Siemens make.

E+L make unwind web guiding system is provided with heavy duty traveling trolley.

Air shafts are provided for easy & maintenance free operation.
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