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Flexible Packaging Machine:- High Speed Slitting Machine
Slitting Machine,high speed slitting machine
General Description:-High Speed Slitting Machine
This multipurpose slitter re-winder is a duplex, cantilever, centre winding machine capable of handling virtually any material from high tensile film, aluminium foil and film laminates at high speeds, It is designed for easy operation with maximum automation. It provides an economic and easy solution to cater to the increased production demands by upgradation to a higher level of automation.
Standard Specifications:-High Speed Slitting Machine
  Working width   1000 mm Maximum
  Roll face width   1200 mm
  Slit width   50 mm minimum
  Designed line speed   300 mpm maximum
  Un-winder diameter   1000 mm maximum
  Re-winder diameter   600 mm maximum
  Input roll weight   1000 kg maximum
  Input material   Plain/Printed plastic film and laminates
Mechanical Description:-High Speed Slitting Machine
Differential Rewinding System – It consists of twin rewind shaft with ball type friction shaft assuring fast change over and finished rolls of consistent quality and uniform density.

Adjoining faces of ball shaft spacers act as individual slip-clutches and each slit strip is free to wind at its own speed and tension, regardless of the size of adjacent wound rolls.

Pneumatic Lay-on roll (common) with auto pressure control through E2P converter helps to iron out air pockets in the rewound roll and greatly assists in controlling difficult materials. Pneumatic control is provided for common lay-on roller, shaft support arm, main nip pressure, shaft lock, and clamp operation.

An ultrasonic sensor is provided to sense the minimum increase in rewind diameter to monitor & control the total tension of the system.

Cutting Unit - It consists of razor blade slitting system with grooved roll and blade holder. Top and bottom rotary shear slitting with angle engaging option is achieved through gear box. A high capacity trim disposal unit complete with fan-motor and chute is provided along with trim collection bobbin.
Guiding System - Digital web cum line guiding system in the unwinding station with tracking system is incorporated for maximum accuracy. Un-winder portion is a separate module of the machine with shaft less chucks with hydro motor. The unwinder along with material travels on tracking trolley with a sliding accuracy of +/- 50 mm. A heavy duty hydraulically operated material loading system is provided for lifting and lowering down mechanism of unwind arm.
Un-winder Tension Control - Load cell based 6 caliper imported pneumatic brake with suitable mechanical transmission is provided through reducing gears. Ultrasonic sensor for the system is also available for close monitor of unwind tension.
Re-winder Shaft - Heavy duty, multiple bearing supported ball friction rewind shaft is be provided with the machine. Pneumatic auto pressure control with E2P will maintain sleep for each coil. Pneumatic auto shaft locking, shaft support arm system is also provided for easy removal of slitted roll.
Nip Unit - Consisting of one 150 mm diameter balanced, ground and hard chromed steel roller (driven by main motor ) and one pneumatically pressured rubber nip with both side control. One adjustable roll is positioned before nip to remove wrinkles, if any, from unwind material.
Special Features:- High Speed Slitting Machine
Control system with Parker SSD/Siemens make digital A.C drive & un-winder tension control with load cell based pneumatic brake ( Re, Italy ) of 6 calipers is be provided with the machine along with MMI and PLC.

Safety interlocks are provided in all operation sequences.

All motors are of ABB / L&T / Siemens make.

E+L make unwind web cum line guiding system with heavy duty traveling trolley is provided.
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