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Aluminium Foil Convertion:-Foil Printing Machine 
Foil Printing Machine,manufacturer of Foil Printing Machine
Foil Printing Machine,exporter of Foil Printing Machine
General Description :-Foil Printing Machine
The 2 or 4 colour Rotogravure Foil printing machine, is used for fine quality of printing on packaging substrate.
Standard Specification :- Foil Printing Machine
  No. of Printing Stations   Maximum up to 4 colours
  Web width range   650 mm maximum
  Cylinder repeat   400 mm 6500 mm
  Un-winder diameter   600 mm Maximum
  Re-winder diameter   600 mm Maximum
  Drying Media   Electric Hot Air Exchanger
  Designed Line Speed   100 MPM Maximum
  Input – Aluminium Foil   12 micron onwards
  Input – Blister Foil   20/25 micron
  Web Tension Control   Automatic through Load Cells
Mechanical Construction :-Foil Printing Machine
Main Frame
Cross pieces and connecting bars, fixed to a rigid base plate in order to avoid vibrations.
Reel holder shafts
Air shafts with safety chuck.
Web aligner
for adjusting of transversal movement of reel (+/- 50 mm )
Load Cell
for automatic control of the tension of the web.
Gravure printing units
For applying measured quantity of ink on the substrate.
Gear Box
It is mounted on the back of side frames for the control of printing cylinder rotation.
Compensator Unit
Vertical compensators with ball screw and nut powered by one synchronous motor through gear box for the circumferential regulation of the printing register, mounted on each printing unit and the device is arranged for the future installation of photocells for the automatic register control.
Inking Device
Tank along with ink reservoir for continuous recirculation of the ink with proper flame proof motor, pump and filter.
Doctor blade unit
for removal of the excess ink on the printing cylinder with a special blade having small thickness.
Pneumatic System
For controlling the pressure of the printing cylinders and the nip rolls.
Drying Unit
Drying hood is provided with air nozzles for the air passage.
AC Digital Vector drives are used for controlling the main , unwinder and the re-winder drive AC motors. Mechanical transmission is done through timer belt arrangement.
Special Features:-Foil Printing Machines
Ergonomically fabricated control panel with Siemens or SSD Parker digital ac drive with load cell & encoder feed back.

Reliable, sturdy and accurate gear boxes.

All motors are of ABB, L&T or Siemens make.

Web Guiding system is of E+L make.
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