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   Doctoring Machine
Flexible Packaging Machine
Flexible Packaging Machine,manufacturer of flexible packaging machine,doctoring machine
APPLICATION of Doctoring Machine:
Perfectly suitable to salvage any type of wrongly build up & defective printed, laminated reels up to 400 mm width with very less change over time by single operator. Feature of Inkject Printing on film surface can also be incorporated.
Table top differential model to suit your specific need. All passing rollers are heavy duty and dynamically balanced. Air shaft on rewinder & unwinder for a quick change over. Fantastic heavy duty three roll assembly of rollers will travel horizontally with unwind shaft on thirteen linear motion bearing and imported hardened shaft ensure 100% correction for any type of defect on material.  Option of standard pneumo-hydraulic web–aligner or photocell sensor. Customized drive suitable to user’s applications & budget. It also ensures flexibility of a tailor made machine. On line slitting arrangement. speed & total length meter indicator etc can be incorporated.
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