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   Solventless Laminator

 SolventlessLaminator  is suitable for high-speed solventless adhesive  lamination of  different types of plastic/metalized films, paper and aluminum foil.  This application is  most suitable for food packaging industry.

  • Max machine speed                           :          350mtr/min
  • Web width                                         :          1000 mm to 1300mm
  • Un-winder / Re-winder diameter        :           1000mm


    • Laminating station is located on the opposite side of the gluing section. This results in their close proximity with the un-winder of the material to be laminated.This particular configuration facilitates and optimizes the lamination of delicate webs such as thin aluminum foil at high speed.
    • High precision measuring steel roller with three rollers for adhesive transfer.
    • Precision micro gap adjustment for adhesive ensures precise coating weight.
    • Independent rubber roller for loading/unloading
    • Back up pressure for lamination nip to ensure better performance.
    • Roller heating through water heating systems.
    • High precision digital a/c vector drive.
    • All electrical and electronic components are confined inside of a cabinetwhich is part of the machine body for easier wiring and maintenance.
    • Very precise tension controls due to selected electronic components.
    • Shaft less un-winders and re-winder.
    • Thick stress released metal frame.
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